[FFmpeg-user] "Extracting" Alpha Channel

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> If a coder sees an easier way, then great!

Well, yes. Easier if you are already an experienced software engineer with
an advanced knowledge of the internals of ffmpeg. Yes. Then. :)

Still, you can always look at - er - FFDN, the ffmpeg developer's network,
an MSDN-style compendium of all you need to know to write new code for

Oh no, wait...


Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool that Stefano would see things we write
and suggest improvements to the ffmpeg code.  I would never disparage a keen
ffmpeg developer.  But yes, comparing command-line solutions to ffmpeg code
solutions is the proverbial situation concerning apples and oranges.

I've got plenty of suggested improvements to ffmpeg, as do most people on
this list I'm sure.  Most of us know the FOSS way is to not post our wish
lists and say "do this now"!  But perhaps the roundabout way of doing that
is to post command-line solutions to problems and let developers come up
with simpler, faster modifications to ffmpeg. :)

The ffmpeg docs, especially now with libavfilter, could do with a bit more
of a "cookbook" of command-line solutions - with explanations as to how they
work.  There are some good examples in the libavfilter docs but libavfilter
is still pretty new so I guess it takes time for more sophisticated,
real-world examples to appear.  Something along the lines of a wiki could
help here, allowing the greater user community to contribute.

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