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JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 30 08:59:14 CEST 2011

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> Hello,
> I just wanted to see if there was any update to hard-coding subtitles (like 
> .srt) into an encoding?  So let's say going from .mkv to .avi I would like 
> to hard-code the subtitles in the .avi.  I tried to see if drawtext would do it 
> and while I was able to get text to appear I didn't see any way to actually 
> deal with an entire subtitle file.  I've seen some talking recently in the 
> developer list about this that's why I thought I'd ask.  If there's 
> something experimental I'd be glad to give it a try.  Thanks!
> rc
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Iv been testing this for the last month and everything seems to be working fine, but there are some caveats

1, DVB Subtitles - Working
2. DIVX               - Working, and can be transcoded to either Hard Subs or DVB Subtitles
3. MKV                - Cant test as i cannot get ASS working
4. AVI/SRT/SUB - Problems are that the SRT/SUB file give the wrong Timestamp so they appear at the wrong place, As an example, the IDX says 2.26.880 but the sub file says it starts earlier. As the index file is not used i would need to add in some offsetting

Also a couple of more things ive asked about but not had any answers/ideas is that when transcoding to DVB Subtitles and the screen is not a full 720x576, which is what DVB Subs wants, you get subtitles off screen, so not viewable


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