[FFmpeg-user] Seamless audio?

Mike Jennings tymcode at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 02:03:23 CET 2011

I have a video loop that I need to compress to mpeg-2. The audio is meant to loop seamlessly.  Whenever I compress to mpeg2 there is an audio fade-in of less than a frame, ruining the loop. Almost every encoder does it (except for the Adobe Media Encoder when exporting to xdcam hd ( mpeg2 in an mxf wrapper), so I'm assuming it's an mpeg thing. But since I've seen it work in one case I'm not ready to give up yet. 

I was hoping the -itsoffset option would get me past that but no luck. 

Can it be done?

--Mike Jennings 

(if there are weird words on here, my iPhone did it.)

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