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Fri Mar 18 14:49:20 CET 2011

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> On 18/03/2011, rramos at unl.edu.ar <rramos at unl.edu.ar> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I need to tag to mp3 for separate MP3 audiobooks into chapters for
>> blind people.
>> I used the option -atag to try to create a tag called Chapter 1
>> as follows:
>> ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -atag chapter1 audio.mp3
>> The resulting ouput was av_internal_write_frame(): Error while opening file
>> And try:
>> ffmpeg -i clasicos.mp3 -ss 00:00:00 -atag c/tag clasicos.mp3
>> ffmpeg -i clasicos.mp3 -ss 00:00:00 -atag fource/chap clasicos.mp3
>> But the resulting output file was the same, has no tag.
> Of course not, that's not what that option does.  It forces the output
> to use the four bytes you gave to describe the audio.  The help quite
> clearly says:
> -atag fourcc/tag    force audio tag/fourcc
> You can set metadata with the -metadata option.  E.g:
> -metadata "title=Chapter 1"
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Thanks for responding.
But i need add to a same audio mp3 more info that what medata allows.
i have to add info in several parts of the audio.
Can i add info in diferent parts of the audio with -atag ?
Can you give me a example to the use of -atag for try?
is there anyway to add metadata for example, author several times in  
the same audio and the mp3 play recognize it? Or how can i do it with  
other option?

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