[FFmpeg-user] ffplay for audio only

Patrick humer4489 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 22:48:46 CET 2011

> On date Friday 2011-03-18 13:49:06 -0400, Patrick encoded:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to use ffplay.c as a command line audio only player. So
>> I want to eliminate ALL the video stuff, even the video stuff that
>> is for the audio like the animated waveform. I do not want to use
>> the switches (e.g. ndisp) as it appears that even when using the
>> switches there is somewhat of a graphic being outputted, I would
>> like to just eliminate it all together.  Is this possible by just
>> maybe commenting out certain functions?
> ffplay -nodisp FILE
> works fine here (that is: no window is created), that was fixed some
> months ago.
> -- 

I got ffplay working with -nodisp. Thanks for the heads-up on the newer fixed version.
Is it normal functionality that when you choose -nodisp, it looses all keyboard functions like pause, seek etc?

Is there a way to retain these controls in -nodisp mode?


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