[FFmpeg-user] What are my options for adding ffmpeg to a webserver for audio conversion?

Nick Putman nickharambee at me.com
Mon Mar 28 20:03:50 CEST 2011


I have used ffmpeg as a command line tool on my Mac, and am now 
interested in adding it to a webserver so that files uploaded to a 
website can be automatically converted to mp3.

I have limited experience of using PHP, but having done some searching 
around it would seem that it is possible to convert audio files that are 
uploaded using PHP and ffmpeg. The audio files would be uploaded using 
an upload script called 'Uploadify'.

I am currently using Hostpapa for hosting my website, and I understand 
that they don't include ffmpeg, and also don't allow ssh. I read on one 
website that I could still install a compiled version of ffmpeg on a 
shared server, but I am not sure if this means that it would work on 
Hostpapa, or whether I would need to change my host to get ffmpeg working.

I would be grateful for any advice in the best way of proceeding.



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