[FFmpeg-user] VC3 coding

Tim Nicholson tim.nicholson at bbc.co.uk
Tue Mar 29 16:40:00 CEST 2011

On 29/03/11 15:21, Tim Nicholson wrote:
> On 29/03/11 15:14, betonpfeiler wrote:
>> Am 29.03.2011 15:25, schrieb Tim Nicholson:
>>> After updating ffmpeg to a very recent git [...] in
>>> Avid I only get the top half of the picture...
>>> Since the only change had been ffmpeg, and the minor tweak to the
>>> command line I believe that this must be due to some internal change in
>>> ffmpeg. The question is what?

Ahh, so my old copy of ffmpeg worked with my old copy of Avid.

Then ffmpeg changed to match the standard as did Avid and I have been
looking on an old version of Avid.....

>> Have you changed your Avid Distribution?
> No, (still running 3.1.1 for initial testing) and it used to be fine. I
> know they screwed things up in 3.5/4

No they fixed things in 4, 3.5 was still screwed up.....I got it the
wrong way round.

>> Seems to be the known Avid-DNxHD/VC3 Issue...
>> See the link below for some more information:
>> www.avid.com/static/resources/common/documents/*DNxHD*_Compliance_Issue_To_Licensees-1.doc
> leads to 'Bad Request'
> Will have a poke around Avid's web site though, thanks.

This link works (removing the <cr>'s):-

Now sorted (until I find I have the flags wrong for Nitris compatibility...)


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