[FFmpeg-user] error concealment from ffmpeg/x264 for h264 videos

Hardik Sharma hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 21:21:21 CEST 2011

I am putting the video stream I used to do the test. I encoded on 512kbps and with 300 byte slice size from JM and ffmpeg. Then dropped- 5%, 10% and 20% slices to generate error. I am getting big difference in PSNR values and JM is coming out to be as better. I don't know why. Video stream is- 
Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks.

From: Carl Eugen Hoyos <ce at hoyos.ws>
To: HardikSharma <hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com>
Cc: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>
Sent: Sunday, 2 October 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: H.264 error concealment


Please upload the test stream you used to http://www.datafilehost.com/ and send us the link (or send the link to ffmpeg-users).

Thank you, Carl Eugen

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