[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG BUG REPORT - FLV to MOV (incorrect codec FOURCC) [SOLVED]

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Wed Oct 5 21:54:19 CEST 2011


Here is a 5-minute patch. It works for me, though I don't think this  
is a pretty correct location to insert this patch. Probably it is  
better to patch a location, where "copy" codec type is casted to "H263".


static int mov_write_video_tag(AVIOContext *pb, MOVTrack *track)
     int64_t pos = avio_tell(pb);
     char compressor_name[32];
     uint32_t myTag;

     avio_wb32(pb, 0); /* size */
     myTag = track->tag;
     if (myTag = 0x33363248) {
	myTag = 0x31564C46;
	//av_log(pb, AV_LOG_QUIET, "track tag %08x\n", track->tag);
     avio_wl32(pb, myTag); // store it byteswapped


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