[FFmpeg-user] Process video while streaming from youtube?

Wael Louis nackasha at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 03:20:05 CEST 2011

I have some image processing function that I want to apply to a video. I am
re-implementing the function in PHP. What I am planning to do is the

1- On my website, a user search a video from Youtube (I have google code API
for YouTube).
2- The desired video doesn't play right away, rather my image processing
function is applied on the streamed data. And the user only gets the
processed video.

I know one of the methods would be saving the video then processing it using
FFMPEG, but what I want to do is processing whatever is buffered and
displaying the processed frames.

An example: I want to do what is called cartooning. I have the function for
it, so by just entering YouTube, I need to display the cartooned video
'instantly'; hence, I want to process the video on the go.

Do you know if that is possible ? can you please guide me to some possible
approaches ?

Many thanks,


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