[FFmpeg-user] Looking for experienced developer support for a paid job

Malte Beyer mb at powerflasher.de
Wed Oct 12 12:11:18 CEST 2011

Hi there,

we are looking for experienced developer support (encoding and streaming) for a paid customer project.

These are the requirements for the project:

-          User plugs in 1 to n webcams as video source

-          User plugs in audio mixer as audio source

-          User installs the application, we/you are supposed to implement

-          The application allows the user to stream his audio and video live to a streaming server (at the moment Flash Media Server via RTMP, but can be discussed)

-          Video and audio are encoded on the clients machine (if you suggest that server encoding would be better we could switch that)

-          Video is encoded in H.264

-          Audio is encoded in AAC stereo (at least MP3 stereo)

-          Video and especially audio quality should be perfect

-          User can switch webcams during runtime (stream does not stop, in best case the two videos will have a transition like a cross fade)

-          The application runs cross platform (Mac OS and Windows)

-          In best case just one application (no side installations of other tools)

You are free in the choice of technology (application, encoder, ...) as long as they fulfill the requirements. We made a lot of research to find the best solution for it, but until now every solutions seems to have at least one weakness.

If you are interested in this paid job, we will be happy in working together with you.

In case you are interested, please contact me. If you are interested in our company - this is our website: www.powerflasher.com<http://www.powerflasher.com>!


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