[FFmpeg-user] How to use RTP mode?

Hardik Sharma hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 02:24:11 CEST 2011

Also as ffmpeg uses x264 for encoding h264 format. Can I do encoding in x264 win RTP mode?

From: Hardik Sharma <hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com>
To: ffmpeg <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org>
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2011 1:23 PM
Subject: How to use RTP mode?

Can anyone please tell me that how to use or enable rtp mode in ffmpeg for h264 encoding/decoding. I am facing a lot of problems in byte stream format. I will really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks.

Hardik S.    

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