[FFmpeg-user] GPL'd libfaad2 support when compiling without --enable-gpl ?

Ewald Peiszer ewald.peiszer at gmx.at
Wed Oct 19 18:09:34 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I have quite a specific question as to LGPL vs GPL license and AAC 
decoder in ffmpeg.

As far as I know:

1) and the output of ffmpeg -L also supports that: if I configure and 
make ffmpeg *without* --enable-gpl, the built lib can be used under LGPL.

2) ffmpeg uses libfaad2 for AAC decoding

3) libfaad2 is available only under GPL or a commercial license (but not 

Still, my compiled ffmpeg binary is able to decode AAC (ffmpeg -formats 
shows this).

Now I wonder how can this be?

Any insights appreciated as to which of my assumption is/are wrong.


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