[FFmpeg-user] Scene detection

Peter B. pb at das-werkstatt.com
Thu Oct 27 10:45:31 CEST 2011

lovelove wrote:
> Thank you Peter. I tested shotdetect today and it really has some nice
> concepts. The  http://shotdetect.nonutc.fr/ graphs  are really cool. Problem
> is, almost all input videos failed. They were either outright refused or
> failed to produce any meaningful output. For example, just try any video
> from youtube, they all fail. I got only a single video to work.
Sorry, sorry, sorry for my late reply!
I was on vacation and didn't overlooked your feedback. :(

Here's the patch for improving the current version of shotdetect
(1.0.86) [1]

If you've been using the official shotdetect binary, I presume the
problems with the videos are, because it's compiled against a very old
version of ffmpeg (pre v.0.5).
My patch updates the code base to compile against the current version of
ffmpeg, which should fix the issues you're having with not being able to
open videos.

Additionally, I've added time-markers in the graphs, so they're more
useful to read :)

The patched version has now been in production use on Debian Lenny and
Squeeze systems at the Austrian Mediathek [2] for over a year now.


== References:
[2] http://dva-profession.mediathek.at/

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