[FFmpeg-user] how to make frame repeat?

Hardik Sharma hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 20:05:01 CET 2011

Because I am dropping it intentionally. Sometimes when I am dropping slices to introduce errors, one slice shows one frame (mostly B frame) and drops that frame. Leaving no scope for concealment. So instead of getting lesser number of frames I want to repeat previous frame on the spot of lost frame. Any idea where I can look into?      

From: Hardik Sharma <hardik.sharma22 at yahoo.com>
To: ffmpeg <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org>
Sent: Sunday, 30 October 2011 8:21 PM
Subject: [FFmpeg-user] how to make frame repeat?


How can I make the previous frame repeat if my current frame is getting dropped due to error? Please give your suggestion if possible. Thanks.   
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