[FFmpeg-user] Generating v210 uncompressed AVIs from v210 individual files in 720p and 1080i formats

Tim Nicholson tim.nicholson at bbc.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 15:39:12 CEST 2011

On 02/09/11 12:40, FrancoisMace wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am currently trying to generate uncompressed AVIs from individual files
> containing fields (for 1080i) or frames (for 720p) formatted in v210.
> I have already found some references on how to use FFMPEG to achieve
> generating an uncompressed AVI with v210 formats, but I have ran into two
> problems and I am hoping somebody might help me.
> 1. First of, for the generation on the uncompressed AVI in 1080i25, the
> issue I have is to know how I can actually generate the AVI with an aspect
> ratio of 1920x1080, knowing that my individual v210 files represent fields
> and how I can specify the actual field number of the first inserted field. I
> have used the following command:
> ffmpeg -s 1920x540 -vcodec v210 -f image2 -pix_fmt yuv422ple -i
> ./Decoded_5/NewMobCal_YUV10_1080i25//50000000/NM_1080i_%05d.v210 -vcodec
> v210 -r 25 -s 1920x540 -vframes 20 -y ./NewMobCal_YUV10_1080i25_50000.avi
> However, this generates a (working) AVI but with aspect ratio 1920x540 and
> where the image bounces a little bit up and downard (one frame over two)
> because fields are used as frames.

I presume I'm missing something here because you specify an output size 
of 1920x540 and then complain when that's what you get.....

As for turning frames into interlaced fields, thats one of those bits of 
magic that keeps slipping out of my personal FIFO so hopefully someone 
else can jog our memories..

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