[FFmpeg-user] A doubt in generation of frames out of a ts file from ffmpeg.

tank pranav akshar_tank at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 06:59:17 CEST 2011

 I am using ffmpeg for video ts file to image conversion by giving following command.

ffmpeg -i video_file.ts destination_directory/img_%05d.jpeg

it generates images in to  destination_directory. But it generates some gray color frames in very begining part. and those number of gray color images is generated in every video ts files. number does not remain fixed , in some ts files those gray color images are 70 to 80, in some other video file it remains 2000-5000. 

When I open that video ts file in to dvbcut then dvbcut only shows actual frames. Then I could not correlate what ffmpeg does and what dvbcut shows. In documentation of dvbcut says they are using ffmpeg as internal library Then why such thing should have happened ???

My conclusion :- 

I think so, ffmpeg does not find where from 1st I frame starts .......

If it gives initial gray color frame then it definately means that it did not find I-frame thati s why ffmpeg keeps on inserting dummy frames.

We need to change something in ffmpeg's coding. Where should we change that I am still figuring out. If you have any idea how we should keep on drop the frame till we get I frame then it may solve my purpose.

I dont know I am right or wrong, if u can help me out with this issue then it would be great.


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