[FFmpeg-user] building ffmpeg - configure script error

Steve Henshaw steve.henshaw at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 11:17:23 CEST 2011


Im trying to build ffmpeg on Ubuntu 10.04 but the configure script wont 

I've cloned the git repo for ffmpeg, when I run the configure script it 
doesnt seem to end.  Ive included a small part of the output here which 
is where I think the problem is (Ive added line numbers in at the start):

#1 eval: 1: seek_114:yuv_avi_test=yes: not found
#2 eval: 1: 1:ac3_fixed_test_checking=yes: not found
#3 eval: 1: bsfs:ac3_fixed_test_deps_checking=yes: not found
#4 eval: 1: yes:ac3_fixed_test_deps_deps_checking=yes: not found
#5 eval: 1: :ac3_fixed_test_deps_deps_deps_checking=yes: not found
#6 eval: 1: $:ac3_fixed_test_deps_deps_deps_deps_checking=yes: not found

Things seem to be ok until line #3 the string 
ac3_fixed_test_deps_checking seems to get bigger, adding "_deps_" 
between "test" and "checking".  The length of that string increases 
through the rest of the output which doesnt seem to end.

Could anyone suggest how I can solve this problem?


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