[FFmpeg-user] Rotate video with ffmpeg library in iPhone application

Gagandeep Bawa gagandeep.bawa at ironroad.com
Tue Sep 27 13:41:09 CEST 2011

Is it possible to adjust the orientation of a video programmatically with
the ffmeg library using objective-c?

I have a recorded video (mov) file that is playing in the wrong orientation
and would like to perform the adjustment.

If ffmpeg is not the right approach, what is the simplest way to take a
video and rotate it by 90 degrees?
I tried with following code but it only tells how to detect recorded video


I also try following url steps but it describe how to get translation matrix
of ffmpeg video stream and adjust IPhone UIView for display purpose. But i
don't want to display compress video file in IPhone instead i want to send
it to server. So it's orientation should be same as it was at the time it
was recorded, So end user can see it on server properly. Currently if i
record movie in "landscape right" mode then ffmpeg result video is totally
reverse 180 degree. If i record in "Landscape left" then ffmpeg result video
is ok but in "portrait" it moves 90 left .  Need help ............


Thanks & Regards,

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