[FFmpeg-user] A/V sync problems with h264/aac video fragment

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Apr 13 16:15:27 CEST 2012

Konrad Karl <kk_konrad <at> gmx.at> writes:

> I am experiencing A/V sync issue with one of my movies rendered
> with kdenlive (1080p50 H264 25Mbit/s / AAC 384 kbit/s mp4)

If you want to report a problem with ffmpeg, please provide the 
ffmpeg command line you are using together with complete, uncut 
console output.
If you have a problem with ffplay that is not reproducible with 
ffmpeg, please explain that and add complete uncut ffplay 
console output.

If you want to report a problem with MPlayer, please post an 
explanation and complete, uncut MPlayer console output on 

I suspect you are seeing a performance issue.


> Sorry for the long post but H264 looks definitely better 
> than mp4 ASP.

That is not true as such, or in other words:
There certainly is a (high) bit-rate that allows very similar 
quality between any (sane) codecs, esp. MPEG-2 / ASP / H264.

Carl Eugen

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