[FFmpeg-user] presets and install

andrew at videocraft.ca andrew at videocraft.ca
Fri Apr 13 20:34:24 CEST 2012

Hello group..  I am new.
I am having trouble getting getting to presets to work.
I successfully find them in the command line but with many errors.
eg: “ Invalid option or argument: 'arnr-strength=5', parsed as 'arnr-strength' = '5'”
arnr-strength, arnr-maxframes, auto-alt, cpu-used, deadline  and more also threw errors.

This all leads me to think I have not installed all required.

I did a fresh install, a number of times.
Can someone point me to the list of things I need to –enable in order to get presets working correctly with the current setup?
ffmpeg version git-2012-04-13-2ec8789

Many thanks in advance.

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