[FFmpeg-user] sound level

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Mon Apr 23 16:39:23 CEST 2012

Hi folks

I am raising a question and a request regarding sound level
using quite often FFMPEG (thanks, this is very powerfull and full of 
options). Have already more than 100 * 90 minutes flash files on my red5 
server and facing a sound volume normalization

I already got insight from this forum and using lame to tell the gain 
and back to ffmpeg setting the volume

is there a more easiest method (encoding - demuxing - decode to wave - 
calculate the volume - fixe the volume and remux )
could ffmpeg be able to tell on the log file what is the gain ?  (as 
lame is giving ) it would simplify the full process in (encoding - demux 
- fixe the volume and remux)

many thanks for your insights


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