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jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Wed Apr 25 08:32:15 CEST 2012

Le 24/04/2012 23:12, Dennis a écrit :
> On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 4:46 PM, Tuuls<koxaniy at mail.ru>  wrote:
>> use options -vol without re-encode video
>> see - http://ffmpeg-users.933282.n4.nabble.com/Sound-level-td4393201.html
>> post "Feb 16, 2012; 4:44pm"
>> http://ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-user
> This should work:
> ffmepg -i input_file.EXT -vcodec copy -vol XXX output_file.EXT
> you might want to add -acodec your source codec.
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Thanks for the answer, I did not mention doing a re-encode video
I am getting VOB as source.
This mean which I do not have mp3 format and I cannot figure out
yet what is the replaygain to apply

what I do is the following
    1- encode into FLV container VOB => video+mp3
    2- demux video and  audio (lame does not run on container)
    3- run lame on audio file
    4- calculate the volume value (a single script)
    5- remux video and audio like you mention above (with volume )

my proposal was to request ffmpeg to compute the replaygain during
the step 1 as its encode mp3. This would save the extra step 3 which 
take time

and the process will be then
    1- encode into FLV
    2- read the replaygain from the log and calculate the volume value 
(single script)
    3- demux video and audio ( fast process)
    4- remux video and audio like as you mention above (with volume ) 
(fast run)

please correct me in case I am doing mistake, I did not find out a 
better way


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