[FFmpeg-user] Help needed - Picture to Movie(s) - for all main browsers

Nils Gradert ngradert at web.de
Thu Aug 2 23:15:49 CEST 2012

Hi all!

I'm html5media to embed html5-videos on my website!
The videos are created automaticly with ffmpeg on the server with these codes:
/xxxx/ffmpeg -r 8 -f image2 -i www/xxx/Alarm%5d.jpg -s 500x375 -b 1035k -y www/xxx/Di_Fahrt_1.mp4

/xxx/ffmpeg -r 8 -f image2 -i www/xxx/Alarm%5d.jpg -s 500x375 -b 1035k -y www/xxx/Di_Fahrt_1.ogv

It works great in FireFox 14.0.1 and also in Opera (Next) 12.50 internal!

But there are different problems in following browsers!

Safari 5.1.7 (an Windows):
Complete slow and not loading(!?!) and playing all the videos!

Safari 5.x.x (on Mac):
Loading the videos but playing a green movie!

Only showing the flowplayer in the compatibility modus
Only playing the older, short videos, but not loading the new ones!?!

Chrome 21.011.xx:
Only playing the older, short videos, but not loading the new ones!?!
(Fahrt 1 and Fahrt 6 are new from today!)
They are not working, the others yes ...?!?

Sometimes not loading the posters of the videos!
Only shows black screen with the PLAY-Button ... Sometimes!

I think there is a codec problem, producing the movies?!?
Is there any way to force ffmpeg to use a special codec?!

If I produce my movies with "Images To Video" => http://en.cze.cz/Images-To-Video offline at my Win7  machine and put them
The the website they are working well?!?

My samples you can find here:

=>> =>> http://www.automower-webcam.com/onboard-zeitraffer_mi.php

Thanks a lot for helping me


Nils Gradert
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D-23813 Blunk/Holstein

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