[FFmpeg-user] Resuming broken capture of mpeg-ts stream, or capture from certain position?

JustPassing pouvoirsdumale-ffmpeg at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 02:26:21 CEST 2012

> How are you capturing? (full command line and console output). What is

I find the link to the stream on NBCOlympics website using Firefox, then I
type in the command prompt: 
ffmpeg.exe -i URL -c copy out.ts

What is slow is the capture.  Because the streaming link becomes invalid
(and thus capture stops) before I can capture the entire stream (a few hours
after beginning the stream).

> It does nothing? 

I've tested by positioning it to just a few seconds after the beginning
(like 10 seconds).  It does work, but like I said, I think ffmpeg streams
the part I don't want it to download before getting to the part I do want. 
So if I specify a position one hour away, after I type 
ffmpeg.exe -ss 3600 -i URL -c copy out.ts
the command prompt just hangs for a long time and I haven't had the patience
to see if it ends up getting to the part I want or not.

The thing is, if the stream link times out where the download left off, and
if using -ss POSITION streams the beginning, then the link'll time out about
the time it gets to where I want it to start recording...  Right?  I don't
understand why it can't just jump to the position I specify...

> Without knowing what's going on, I'd guess that they're timing out the
> videos, so you'd need to re-parse and get new links [?] 

Yeah, to get new links, I just have to refresh the videos.  The problem is
that if I redo a capture, it'll start at the beginning again.  I have found
no way to have ffmpeg jump directly to the position I want.

I'm not too well informed about stuff like this.  I only followed this guide
about how to capture:

Or the entire topic: 

Maybe it's not possible?  I really don't know much more about these kinds of
things.  Thanks again for your reply.

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