[FFmpeg-user] Remuxing from MKV to MP4 Unsmooth Video

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Aug 8 09:13:53 CEST 2012

Marcus <marcus <at> noveis.net> writes:

> I'm trying to remux some videos from MKV or M2TS to MP4. For 
> the most part the MP4s play better than the MKV/M2TS (faster 
> skipping etc). However some of videos stutter or aren't 
> smooth - yet they are fine in the original MKV or M2TS container.

Please provide a sample.

> Here is a command line I am using for all the videos I'm remuxing:
> ffmpeg -analyzeduration 25000000 -i "file.mkv" -vcodec copy 
> -acodec copy "file.mp4"

I (think I) know why you did not post the complete, uncut console 
output here, but it would have been possible to post the first few 
and the last few "invalid dropping" messages.

I don't easily remember a report where MediaInfo output was helpful, 
ffmpeg -i output for both (working and non-working) samples may be 

Carl Eugen

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