[FFmpeg-user] Transcoding Iphone Portrait videos to DVD

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	Is there anyone who can help me to convert IPhone video from portrait to landscape mode 

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I am having a bit of trouble converting my Iphone videos (portrait mode) to DVD format.

Most of the DVD authoring software seems to ignore the orientation of the videos and so puts the videos in the wrong orientation.

The video specification is as follows:

640 (width) * 480 (height)
Rotation = 90* clockwise (Portrait video)

So I thought ffmpeg is the best tool for this purpose.
Here is what I need to do:

1) Rotate the video by 90* clockwise.
2) Adjust the video to be in DVD NTSC/ PAL format (4:3) such that the video is not scaled/ distorted.
It is okay to crop/ pad to adjust the video to a different width/ height.

I can easily do 1) by using "-vf transpose=1".

But I am having a bit of problem doing 2) above.

Can someone advise as to which options should be used?

Thanks in advance.

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