[FFmpeg-user] Fatal errors

agowad at gmail.com agowad at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 14:42:46 CEST 2012


I was wondering if there is any list of ffmpeg errors that should be considered as fatal? Fatal for me means that there is a risk that output file was not properly generated.

During my testing I have created following list (which for sure is not complete and most probably invalid):
"unsuitable output format",
"no such file",
"error codec",
"unknown format",
"unable to find a suitable output format",
"bitstream filter not found",
"internal bug",
"decoder not found",
"demuxer not found",
"encoder not found",
"end of file",
"immediate exit was requested",
"filter not found",
"invalid data",
"option not found",
"protocol not found",
"stream not found",
"unknown error",
"invalid argument",
"invalid too big",
"error opening",
"could not write",
"error while",
"invalid framerate",
"unsupported coding",
"could not find",
"not enough data"

Lately I have faced following errors:
"error while decoding stream #0:1: invalid data found when processing input",
"error while decoding stream #0:0: error number -1 occurred"

However, the output files were "playable". Today I was informed that those two are not fatal, and actually are quite "normal".

I am a bit lost.


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