[FFmpeg-user] Still Image tifs to uncompressed video

Jim Shupert jshupert at pps-inc.com
Thu Aug 9 17:16:44 CEST 2012

I might try using imagemagik [ convert ] to 1st make the tif a 
consistant hxw
also - no mpg is uncompressed
and -- if you are using win movie maker - you might go avi or actually 
wmv w win8 @ 8 Mbps

likely this will be high enough

On 8/9/2012 10:13 AM, Eric Hollis wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a series of 16,000 or  so .tif images that I want to assemble into a
> video.  I want the video to be of the highest quality possible, with no
> compression. I want to load the completed video into a video editing
> program, like Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (I'm just going to make cuts).
> I've read online, and gotten it to work, partially.  I'm looking for some
> assistance with the command line.
> This command line produces a video, but it's not recognizable by Windows
> Movie Maker
> ffmpeg -b 3600 -r16 -i dw1%06d.tif -target ntsc-dvd dw1.mpg
> (tif names are "dw1000001.tif; dw1000002.tif; etc)
> This command line barfs:
> ffmpeg -b 3600 -r16 -i dw1%06d.tif  dw1.mp4
> It returns "width or height not divisible by 2 (835x648)
> The tifs have sizes varying by +/- 10 pixels in x and y directions.
> Thanks in advance.  I've tried to "read the fine manual", but I just can't
> make sense of what I'm reading.
> Sincerely,
> Eric
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