[FFmpeg-user] specifying by "100m"

Michael Bradshaw mbradshaw at sorensonmedia.com
Wed Aug 15 23:50:08 CEST 2012

[trimming quoting of the ffmpeg mailing list sig]

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 3:40 PM, Dan M <dan at streemit.net> wrote:
> On 08/15/2012 04:27 PM, Roger Pack wrote:
>>> I dunno if this makes a difference, but did you try "1M"? In metric
>>> prefixes, m = milli (10^-3), but M = mega (10^6). I'm not sure if
>>> ffmpeg takes this into account or not, but it's worth checking.
>> That does appear to work, thanks.
>> I guess I didn't know that in metric little "k" means kilo but big M
>> means mega. Weird.
>> -roger-
> Actually the proper metric suffix for thousands is cap K, but using little k
> is popular and is doesn't interfere with the divide-by suffix so it's
> allowed more often than not.

Actually, it's little k. See http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/prefixes.html

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