[FFmpeg-user] Problems dumping H264 stream from Axis camera

paulj at fastmail.es paulj at fastmail.es
Thu Aug 23 20:14:12 CEST 2012

>  <paulj <at> fastmail.es> writes:
> > However, yesterday I downloaded the newest git source 
> > and compiled it, and with the new binary I get this error:
> Can you use a tool to dump the stream from the camera to a 
> file and try the same command with the file as input?
> The reason I ask is that if you can provide a file, it is 
> not difficult to find the version introducing the problem 
> and eventually it will get fixed, without a file you will 
> have to use git bisect yourself...

	Well, I still have some of the files that I dumped with my older ffmpeg. Would that be 
	(Also, FWIW, I tried with ffplay later, and it worked perfectly).


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