[FFmpeg-user] Rebroadcasting a stream without using ffserver

Andrey Utkin andrey.krieger.utkin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 00:07:19 CEST 2012

2012/8/27  <paulj at fastmail.es>:
>            From the tests I've done, the above setup does work. So, would I have anything to
> gain if I added ffserver, or some other kind of streaming server software? Would that be
> more stable? (There will be only 1 computer streaming video to another computer, not
> dozens of clients... but the stability of the link is very important).

Inserting streaming software is not beneficial in this case. I can
advise to use "TCP interleaved" mode of RTSP protocol, if both
listening and publishing sides of ffmpeg support it. This will avoid
potential loss of data packets via UDP.
Also think about temporal connection break. Ensure your ffmpeg
instances get restarted and reconnected.

Andrey Utkin

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