[FFmpeg-user] Can we merge slices of two videos ?

tank pranav akshar_tank at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 17:46:45 CEST 2012

Hi Roger, 

There exist header in mpeg2 Transport stream.

in sequence headers are ........

sequence header -> GOP header -> picture header -> slice header (which contains actual image data) -> macro blocks.

Lets say there are 70 slices in pictures of video A and 100 slices in pictures of video B.

I want to merge 50 slices of every picture of video A and 50 slices of every picture of video B and then I want to construct video C whose pictures will have slices of Video A and B.

So ultimately I want to merge two live videos which are taken as two input and I am expecting merged single video as an output.
(I dont want fixed size videos as an inputs).


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> I just would like to know that if we have two mpeg-2 videos (A and B)and if we want to merge the slices of video A with slice of video B (picture by picture). Is it possible to do it FFMPEG ?

What do you mean a "slice" of video A? Is that an mpeg-2 slice?
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