[FFmpeg-user] moov atom... again

alberto momeale alberto.momeale at live.it
Thu Aug 30 16:40:58 CEST 2012

> 1) Build ffmpeg from git - google "ffmpeg git mac" for instructions
> 2) Change directory to ffmpeg checkout
> 3) "cd tools ; gmake qt-faststart"
> 4) "./qt-faststart your-movie.mov your-fixed-movie.mov"
> If you can't do any of these steps, ask again for help and show
> PRECISELY what you have tried. "I tried something, it didn't work,
> please help" is the most annoying thing you can say, as it gives us no
> idea where to start.

I downloaded and then compiled ffmpeg from rodrigo polo website. Unluckly, I am not so able in MAC, to uninstall it... I am not sure.I downloaded a adobe air app called qtindexswapper2, it didn't worked well, my programmer said, that moov atom wasn't neither on the end nor on top.I also downloaded a qt-faststart from Marc Liyanage <http://www.entropy.ch>, 2007, qt-faststart.c written by Mike Melanson.but it doesn't accept my file format.thanks 		 	   		  

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