[FFmpeg-user] worth to bother? create a set of test video clips for mobile devices

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Thu Feb 2 02:19:42 CET 2012

? 2012?01?31? 16:10, Zhang Weiwu ??:
> I just think, since I wish to produce the test clips anyway, why not
> publish all test clips on a website so that others can download them and
> use them to aid their testing on their mobile phones? I can imagine
> needing to produce a matrix of clips at different qscale, framerate and
> bitrate.

Hello all. As promised I made a script for this test, using ffmpeg from 
debian-multimedia.org instead of the shipped version.

Consider the video variables, there are the following:

 1. VBR or CBR
 2. framerate
 3. frame-size
 4. quality (qscale) or bitrate

Limited mpeg4 tests show the last variable is not relevant to device 
tests: I produced different clips at different -qscale and -b. It's hard 
to tell the CPU usage of one from other, they are all very similar. So I 
only produced matrix of the first 3 variables.

It's very easy to use: just place it in some directory and run "make" 
there (only gnumake tested). The script produces 74 test clips in a new 
directory hierarchy like this:


A tester should enter the 'cases' directory, play back one of the test 
video clip, and depend on the result, choose a sub-directory to enter, 
and play the clips there; depending on the result, choose a subdirectory 
to enter again, this 3-rd level has all the rest of test clips.

Took me a whole fine day! It's the very first Makefile script I ever 
wrote, so I am sure it is far from perfect. But I'd like to have a 
chance of getting it commented before I further polish it so that I know 
I am on the right track. Thanks. The premature script is in the 
attachment, it worked for me.

Zhang Weiwu

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