[FFmpeg-user] Vimeo uploading - may be off topic

Adam N. Rosenberg adam at the-adam.com
Thu Mar 1 02:41:52 CET 2012

Hi Vimeo fans,

     This may be off topic, but maybe somebody can take pity on me.
I have 284 aviation videos that I would like to upload to Vimeo.
(I used FFMPEG to add music soundtracks with help from this group.)
I could upload the AVI files one at a time and type my video titles
and descriptions, one at a time, or I could write a script on Linux.

     I know how to write C code and stuff like that, I can cobble
together HTML and blunder my way through really-basic PHP code,
but the kind of interactive reactions that run Vimeo applications
are beyond my current knowledge.  Their documentation presumes one
already has a working knowledge of how to use Vimeo applications.
I haven't a clue, so I really need baby-steps instructions.

     I downloaded their PHP file for uploading and I ran Vimeo's web
page that gave me a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret, but I don't
know what I'm supposed to do next.  If I can get one PHP script
to upload one video with title and description, then I can write
284 scripts with a C program from my file list and submit them.

     Any help would be appreciated.

                                 Adam N. Rosenberg
                                 mailto:adam at the-adam.com

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