[FFmpeg-user] Getting a point in time as known by ffmpeg?

Gary Taylor squeaky at sdf.org
Fri Mar 2 20:31:41 CET 2012

When I watch a video (in xine or gxine for example)I see a
value displayed which is how long the video has been
playing.  If I find a scene where I want to process the
video starting at 00:00:40.000 as displayed in xine, in
ffmpeg I have to experiment to find that same spot. It's not
at 00:00:40.000, but instead 00:00:63.000.  

It's like the notion of time in ffmpeg is different than
what is displayed by the players.  Is this user error, 
should I be viewing them in something else, or is there a
way to use ffplay to see display the time? 

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FFmpeg developers
  built on Feb 11 2012 23:02:52 with gcc 4.4.3


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