[FFmpeg-user] how to add a srt subtitle file into a mp4

Robert Reinhardt robert at theMakers.com
Mon Mar 5 19:32:42 CET 2012

I haven't explored using FFmpeg for this purpose, but MP4Box can remux an SRT file into an existing MP4 asset. I'm a big fan of MP4Box. I used it on the WelcomeBC.ca site's Newcomers Guide to create the subtitled assets for iOS deployment and Flash desktop deployment.


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zhangzh <zhangzh <at> net-east.com> writes:

> I'm a new user of ffmpeg . I just want to add a srt subtitle
> file into a mp4 , but I failed .

> [mp4 @ 022BB020] track 2: could not find tag, codec not
> currently supported in container

Patch welcome, the alternative is to wait.

Carl Eugen

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