[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg configure issue

Donald McLachlan Donald.McLachlan at crc.ca
Fri Mar 9 15:15:12 CET 2012

It might not be able to find the include files.  Maybe try using the 
config option "--extra-cflags=-I/usr/local/include" like I had to do to 
get libopenjpeg to work:

     crc at crc-fsmanager:~> ffmpeg
     ffmpeg version N-37669-gf2b20b7 Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the FFmpeg 
       built on Feb  9 2012 09:03:32 with gcc 4.5.1 20101208 
[gcc-4_5-branch revision 167585]
       configuration: --enable-libopenjpeg 

If it really is the library it is complaining out, maybe something like 
"--extra-cflags=-L/usr/local/lib" will do it.

On 08/03/2012 5:38 AM, wangwenbo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm compiling the latest ffmpeg from git, when I run "./configure
> <--some-parameters>  --enable-libass", I always got the message "ERROR:
> libass not found", but the lib files are in the "/usr/local/lib" for sure.
> I also add the lib path to "/etc/ld.so.conf" and run ldconfig many times,
> this error still remains.
> Can anyone give me some helps?
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