[FFmpeg-user] need fix: correct muxing to VOB with LPCM audio

Pavel Sokolov pavel at sokolov.me
Tue Mar 13 11:14:52 CET 2012

Hi All!

I got errors when I try to remux any file to VOB with LPCM by the 
following command:
ffmpeg  -i video-mpeg4_720x544-audio_ac3_48000_stereo.avi  -vcodec copy 
-acodec pcm_s16be -f vob out.vob
vob @ 0x1745b80] buffer underflow i=1 bufi=4026 size=6144
     Last message repeated 34 times
[vob @ 0x1745b80] packet too large, ignoring buffer limits to mux it
[vob @ 0x1745b80] buffer underflow i=1 bufi=4026 size=6144
[vob @ 0x1745b80] buffer underflow i=1 bufi=6043 size=6144
VLC does not play the resulting file.


Examples with correct LPCM: (VLC play it without any problems)

Can somebody fix this issue? I will pay for this work.


With best regards, Pavel A. Sokolov
mobile: +7(921)419-1819
skype: pavel_a_sokolov

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