[FFmpeg-user] Error message 'Could not open codec' when running FFMPEG-codec.

Anders Branderud anders.branderud at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 13:55:09 CET 2012


I am running the following code:

Some excerpts:
video_encode_example("/home/anders/grb_1.mpg", CODEC_ID_MPEG4);

static void video_encode_example(const char *filename, int codec_id)
   //For full code see document attached above.
     /* open it */
    if (avcodec_open2(c, codec, NULL) < 0) {
        fprintf(stderr, "could not open codec\n");


The message 'could not open codec' is printed out.
video_encode_example("/home/anders/grb_1.mpg", CODEC_ID_MPEG2VIDEO);
generates the same error message.

How do I resolve this?
Thanks in advance!

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