[FFmpeg-user] ProRes (LT) Quicktimes: Good for Windows. Not so good for Mac.

Andreas Gumm andreas.gumm at gmx.de
Tue Mar 20 22:22:01 CET 2012

Yes, this is a known issue! Your files has been correct encoded! FCP 
just complains sometimes about external encoded ProRes footage!
It seem to be that some missing header informations or other stupid 
missing informations let FCP think the file looks not compatible!

Stupid, but  real!
Since FFMBC is more broadcast orientated try to encode with FFMBC fork!
Maybe this has been solved there in the actual release!


Am 20.03.2012 22:10, schrieb Jeremy Oddo:
> Has anyone else run into this issue:
> We generate some ProRes (LT) Quicktimes on a Windows box. We play the
> QT and the player says that it's a ProRes (LT). That's good.
> We play the SAME quicktime on a Mac and it DOES NOT claim to be an
> (LT). The quicktime needs to be re-rendered in Final Cut to make it a
> true ProRes (LT). That's not good.
> Is this a known issue? Is there a work-a-round?
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