[FFmpeg-user] pcm_s16le (and flac) in TS fails

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sat Mar 24 10:31:18 CET 2012

Etienne Buira <etienne.buira.lists <at> free.fr> writes:

> I did this kind of thing with avi in the past, but it is not working
> anymore at the concat step, so I tried with a container designed to be
> concatenable (even if from what I understand, avi should be, as long as
> index is not wished).

Did you report this?
(Although I don't understand how avi can be concatenated, given it has 
a header).

> If you have a better idea of catable container/lossless video
> codec/lossless audio codec that is usable with ffmpeg (and that offers
> some compression, at least for video part), I'd buy it!

Do you really hear any difference between lossless and 
-acodec (e)ac3 -ab 640k ?

Carl Eugen

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