[FFmpeg-user] sound balance on several files

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Sun Mar 25 08:32:09 CEST 2012


I have a streaming server with contains about
100 x 90 minutes flv files, the sound is only talk not music

the concern is on volume level which must be quite similar
from files to files
I can manage through batch files, ffmpeg to demux, modify
the volume level and remux each files
according to what I undestood,  the volume level is
    next volume = (actual volume level) * k
    with k = (10 ^  (target_volume / 20))

questions to you are
  1- is there a way to know the actual volume level on a given flv file ?
      could it be done with ffmpeg ? other programs ?
  2- what is the average volume level standard (some said 20.1 other 20.3db)
      (it seems Toshiba PC need a larger volume level than other)

many thanks to your answers

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