[FFmpeg-user] Code which encodes file using MPEG4-codec, decodes the encoded data and then plays the file?

dE . de.techno at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 04:16:41 CEST 2012

On 03/28/12 01:11, Anders Branderud wrote:
> Hello!
> I wondered if anyone has created a code which does the following:
> Encodes file using MPEG4-codec, decodes the encoded data; and play each 25
> frames continiously as 25 new frames are decoded (If so, I would be very
> thankful to get it mailed to me!)?
> I am aware of the decoding_encoding.c-example (in /doc/examples of the
> FFMPEG-library) and wonder which changes that are needed to be made in
> order to accomplish this?
> Thanks in advance!

Are you going to incorporate this in a code? If not, you may use pipe, 
but if you want blocks of 25 frames, I'm not sure...

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