[FFmpeg-user] 50 Mbps Ifram mpg2 with scaling and pad --sync problem

Jim Shupert jshupert at pps-inc.com
Mon Aug 5 20:24:29 CEST 2013

On 8/5/2013 2:13 PM, Dave Rice wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> This probably isn't the answer you need, but with your source material I'd suggest using an interlace-aware scaler, i.e. try scale=1620:1080:interl=1 instead of scale=1620:1080.
> Also video that is 720x486 and captured from analog source often can be cropped down to 720x480 at 4/3 by removing the first 4 and last two lines. You may have a better looking result if you start your filterchain with crop=720:480:0:4 before scaling.
Thanks Dave
I have not done the

crop=720:480:0:4 before scaling before

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