[FFmpeg-user] OpenCL? What Effect Does It Have

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 20:32:11 CEST 2013

>In theory, you could use opencl for the deshake and 
>the unsharp filters but I don't know if sufficiently 
>new OpenCL drivers exist.

Unrelated to my question.  I don't use deshake and I don't
use unsharp.  That's why I listed the filters I do use: so that
someone can tell me whether or not OpenCL will improve
performance for those filters (and codecs).  That was my 
original question.
>> * Inverse telecine, or deinterlace filters
>Unrelated to your question:

No.  Not unrelated to my question.  In fact, that is my question:
Will ffmpeg+OpenCL improve the performance of the filters
and codecs I listed.
>Given that MEncoder uses the exact same source code 
>to encode ffvhuff and ljpeg (and most probably "etc") 
> how do you expect that FFmpeg could be faster?

But I don't expect ffmpeg is faster then mencoder.  Possibly,
ffmpeg+OpenCL is faster.  That's the original question.
My original question was whether ot not ffmpeg+OpenCL
will improve my performance.  Will it?
>Allow me to repeat that since MEncoder is not 
>actively maintained, it makes no sense to use it if 
>you don't have very special needs 
I already know how to use mencoder.  Why learn another
tool which uses, as you claim, the exact same source code?
But that's besides the point.  The original question was whether 
or not ffmpeg+OpenCL will improve my performance.  Not whether or
not it makes sense to switch from mencoder to ffmpeg.

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