[FFmpeg-user] Convert RAW AVI file to lossless ffvhuff and produce JPG images

Tom Evans tevans.uk at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 6 15:48:18 CEST 2013

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 1:56 PM, James Board <jpboard2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Is it possible, within ffmpeg, to do both of these at the same time:
>     Convert a raw AVI file to a lossless compressed ffvhuff file.
>     Convert each frame to an individual image (JPEG or TIFF, or whatever)?
> Concurrently I'm doing both of the above in mencoder with two separate
> commands.  But that is inefficient since the video frames have to be decoded
> again for the image extraction step.  Also, I'm trying to convert from
> mencoder to ffmpeg, as Carl has repeatedly reprimanded me for not doing
> so, and I'm not that familiar with the ffmpeg command syntax.
> Can I do this?


ffmpeg -i in.avi -c:v ffvhuff -c:a copy out.nut -f image2 out%d.png

You can even do super-cool things like only take one frame per second:

ffmpeg -i in.avi -c:v ffvhuff -c:a copy out.nut -f image2 -vf
fps=fps=1 out%d.png

There are also extensive docs one can use to get familiar with the
ffmpeg command syntax and/or discern what ffmpeg can do.



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