[FFmpeg-user] ffprobe -show_frames and coded_picture_number

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sat Aug 10 10:05:25 CEST 2013

Le duodi 22 thermidor, an CCXXI, thljcl a écrit :
>							 Such practice makes
> sense before digital age; without re-encoding the video/audio, speeding up
> the audio would keep video and audio in sync. With ffmpeg, however, there is
> no need to change the playback speed to keep the audio and video in sync.
> Let me briefly explains how the video filter “fps” works.

You obviously never watched a DVD that was converted from NTSC to PAL that
way, or you would not dare make such a statement: they just look completely

To Richard H Lee: if you follow that advice, you will get a video that has a
hiccup every second, very noticeable in regular motion scenes such as
tracking shots. A good way to give your audience a headache.

Also, this apply both to analog and digital, it makes no difference with
regard to frame rate.


  Nicolas George
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