[FFmpeg-user] ffprobe -show_frames and coded_picture_number

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 12:47:50 CEST 2013

thljcl wrote:

> Hm… Well, let’s put it to actual test, which should be a much better
> option than believing in either you or me. Do you currently have a
> source of 24 FPS which you think that it has “high speed motion”? If
> you seriously think that using the method I describe would lead to
> “unrealistic motion”, can you share such a source with me and allow
> me to do the encoding process? After doing the encoding process, I
> will upload the output file to SkyDrive and share it temporarily
> publicly. We can then all use our eyes to make our judgment. I do
> believe that an actual experiment would help me understand better.
> Thank you.

Remember also that the 24 -> 25 case under discussion is going to show
better on a 50Hz display so when you say "We can then all use our eyes"
a lot of people will be viewing on a monitor at 60Hz that likely won't
do 50Hz.

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